Who's for afternoon tea?

What can be better than tea and cakes on a sunny afternoon in beautiful East Yorkshire? This looked delicious!

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An amazing sight

Somewhere over the rainbow....

It's not often we see such an amazing sky. Absolutely fabulous!

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Robin Hood's Bay

First visit since lockdown to one of our favourite places. Absolutely fabulous!

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Cherry Blossom In Abundance!

One of our favourite sights. The blossom looks amazing at this time of year. The best thing is that we now have guests in to appreciate it.

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bumper crop bumper cherry crop at the cherries

The Cherries is Ripe and Ready to Welcome You Back!

We are so excited to welcome guests back from April 12th

Check out our availability

Free Cancellation Policy currently in place (terms and conditions apply)

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lovely little lambs

You can't beat the sight of newly-born lambs!

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Lamb Love

Look at these little beauties we discovered on our daily walk. Read more

Patsy's lockdown skill

During lockdown, Patsy has mastered the perfect "beg"!

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Catton Calm

Just over the hill- a fabulous view of the pond. Such a lovely day - what a change from the rain, frost and snow of recent weeks!

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Gates Helmsley


Look at these lovely creatures we came across on one of our favourite routes in the nearby village of Gate Helmsley. There is a fabulous farmshop/ tearoom/ pick-your-own nearby if you are feeling peckish. Amazing cakes. Yum!

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